ADNOC Gas is a first-mover in successfully implementing the Integrated Real Time Optimizer (iRTO), a multi-site solution which optimizes production yields of natural gas liquids (NGLs) in real time at our processing sites.

A first of a kind initiative in ADNOC, the iRTO leverages the power of digitalization and process automation in the pursuit of energy efficiency and emissions reductions across our facilities.

Implemented across at all onshore gas plants, the main objective of this platform is to provide operators with an energy management platform that monitors and optimizes energy use to improve decision making reduce energy intensity and support enhanced profitability.

The data used by the system includes operating data, utility costs and product prices, which are analyzed and balanced at regular intervals in order minimize emissions while maximizing value from the product stream.

Enabling the transition from a traditional iterative ‘trial and error’ method to a precise real-time, data-driven solution, able to run and test various scenarios, the iRTO has demonstrated significant performance enhancement and improved process knowledge through its complex modelling capabilities.