UAE Growth

Contributing to UAE Growth

We act as a powerful catalyst to the ongoing story of the UAE’s economic development and diversification both through the supplies of energy and feedstock we provide and the initiatives we undertake to maximize the in-country value (ICV) of our operations.

Our gas remains central to the UAE’s energy ecosystem, powering traditional industries behind the development of the nation’s infrastructure as well as new high-tech sectors driving the next phase of economic growth. We also have a major role in supplying feedstock to key customers like Borouge and Fertiglobe, that are central to the establishment of Al Ruwais Industrial Complex and its TA'ZIZ Industrial Zones as a world-class chemicals’ hub.

In line with ADNOC Group, our In County Value (ICV) program is designed to enhance the resilience of our local value chain by maximizing the use of local goods and services, encouraging local manufacturing and creating job opportunities for UAE nationals in the private sector.

69 %
In country value as
proportion of revenues
~ 60 %
UAE gas demand met
powering economic growth
Youth learning and development
initiatives for future leaders

Through localizing our supply chains, focusing UAE-based contractors on higher value tenders and working with local suppliers, ICV has increased significantly in a short period of time, from 42% of revenues in 2019 to 69% by November 2022.

Greater focus on Emiratization of our organization and the professional development programs we offer also make an important contribution to ICV, equipping our national employees with skills and experience that they can use to further their careers and make a greater contribution to the benefit the UAE.