ADNOC Gas is employing advanced technology to provide a powerful predictive maintenance platform to optimize operations and underpin asset integrity.

Our Centralized Predictive Analytics Diagnostics (CPAD) technology analyzes a constant flow of data from all major items of equipment across our processing plants, representing over 500 critical rotating assets. Putting this together with the extensive historical database, CPAD identifies anomalies and the need for maintenance or other remedial action. This information allows us to minimize unplanned maintenance activities and downtime, optimizing costs and producing significant savings.

The successful deployment of CPAD has demonstrated how AI and machine learning can be applied in complex and challenging industrial environments to provide smart solutions. By applying analytics to real-time and historical data, CPAD is able inform rapid decision-making and cope efficiently with change. CPAD automatizes data collection from a variety of equipment types and applies appropriate machine learning algorithms.

The system is particularly important to the monitoring of rotating equipment - turbines, pumps, generators, compressors and engines. CPAD’s predictive maintenance capability can track any mechanical degradation as well as variations in performance to help maintenance teams to plan required work well in advance with consideration to any production constraints.

CPAD was initiated in 2017 with an initial proof of concept and pilot, before deployment across all our sites. Our experience played a key role in the subsequent ADNOC level implementation.

CPAD has been a core feature in our ongoing digital transformation journey. It has accelerated operations maintenance to a new level, improving equipment performance, availability and reliability and reducing operating costs while maintaining the highest standards of HSE performance.