Other Products


We produce several other associated products, primarily for use in the chemicals sector, by customers both in the UAE and overseas.

ADNOC Gas is a major supplier of hydrocarbon feedstock to Abu Dhabi’s rapidly expanding petrochemicals hub in Al Ruwais Industrial Complex. This includes nearly 14,000 tons of ethane that we deliver every day to one of the world’s largest integrated polyolefin complexes operated by Borouge.

An important by-product from our gas processing operations is sulfur, which occurs naturally in the petroleum reservoirs in the UAE in the form of hydrogen sulfide, as it does elsewhere around the world. To clean this from our raw gas stream, we operate 27 sulfur recovery units across our processing facilities, including those at Habshan 5, which are among the largest and most sophisticated in the world.

Habshan also features an onsite sulfur granulation plant from which sulfur is transported to the sulfur handling terminal at our Al Ruwais Industrial Complex. Here it is combined with sulfur granulated from our other ADNOC Gas and Group operations and sent for export. Similarly, we also produce sulfur at Das Island as part of our gas processing and LNG production operations which is shipped to Al Ruwais.

Our sulfur is used primarily to manufacture phosphate-based fertilizers as well as produce sulfuric acid, which is vital to a wide range of manufacturing processes used to produce thousands of everyday items.